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I’ve been on a two-week vacation in Rome, and one of the great things about being in a foreign country where they have real problems to worry about (including unexpectedly fallen governments) is that the first-world problems of the woke and culturally oppressed don’t make much of an impact.

One of the consequences of writing a syndicated column on politics and public policy for more than a quarter of a century is that I am constantly told what I think and why I think it.

There’s a line that comes immediately to mind about the latest kerfuffle between Bruce Springsteen and Ticketmaster that has seen tickets for his upcoming tour (which includes a March 25 date at the Greensboro Coliseum) surge as high as $5,000 a pop:


Content by Brand Ave. Studios. The annual Amazon Prime Day is coming July 12 and 13, and per usual will offer discounts on many of your favorite things.

In Washington, things are rarely what they seem. It’s why Congress labels bills with names they think will be more palatable to the public rather than names that would accurately reflect the content of the legislation. Notice how many times over the years the word “civil rights” has appeared…

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